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DURST GAMMA Digital inkjet printing systems.

Durst is a private “Imaging solutions” Company who develop and manufacture digital high end printing systems for various market segments. These include the ceramic and wood industries, the graphic, pre-press, signage, screen printing and label packaging markets.

Gamma Series – Digital inkjet printing for ceramic surfaces

Since 2005, Durst has been the leading producer of digital printing machines for the decoration of ceramic surfaces. With the continuous development of the inkjet technology, Durst has contributed to the transformation of the tile from a functional wall and floor covering, to an interior, fashionable design object, by reproducing images of natural stone, wood, photography or elaborate surface structures and effects ( as examples) using the Durst range of products. The extensive portfolio and the scalability of Durst systems, form the perfect solution for any specification.

The Durst inkjet technology enables precise ink application down to the picoliter, and features:

– almost unlimited variations
– the highest printing quality
– material savings resulting in cost savings
– reduces storage risk
– less damage to the environment

Durst products generate competitive advantages and provide access to global market opportunities.

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Gamma 98 XD
8-color inkjet ceramic printer with variable printing width up to 957 mm.


Gamma 148 XD
State-of-the-art 8-color inkjet ceramic printer with variable printing width up to 1,404 mm.


Gamma 75 HD-NRS
The new modular N-series with new ink filter system and low-maintenance design. With its standard speed Gamma 75 HD-NRS provides the perfect start into digital decoration and can be extended modularly.


Pictocer HD
Special multi-pass digital ceramic printer/plotter for short run productions, development of new tiles/designs, production of listellos, photoceramics and special customized print jobs.


Durst Industrial Edition simplifies the digital workflow and ensures efficient and repeatable results. With this workstation, all jobs are centrally prepared and managed / monitored for the installed Gamma printers.


Durst InkShaker® is specifically designed to agitate the pigmented ceramic inks before use in an optimal and constant way.

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